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  • Unscented Box Set

    This is a perfect way for you to stock up on our unscented soap range that is perfect for sensitive skin. This box set contains one of each of our unscented soaps;

    1 x The Pretty One – It’s kind of like nature’s moisturizer. With a whole load of vitamin A thrown into the mix.
    1 x Helpful Kelp – It’s rich in iodine and antioxidants which is great to soften and hydrate your skin. It has naturally occurring minerals that remove toxins.
    1 x Little Blush – By adding the humble tomato, we’ve created a powerhouse of health for your skin. Firstly, tomatoes are absolutely stuffed with Vitamin C – which help your skin glow.
    1 x Slightly Chocolatey – It’s packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – with no caffeine or sodium.
    1 x Something Simple – this is our classic and simple soap. It doesn’t have a whole concoction of ingredients and chemicals – with who-knows-what being absorbed by your skin, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

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