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  • Helpful Kelp

    It’s brown and beige.

    We didn’t spice up the colour because there’s enough going on with this soap without getting you too excited.

    Kelp is a brownish algae found in the ocean and it has a ton of health benefits. People eat it (yes, really), smear it on their faces (we’re not making this up) and…well, put it in soap. It’s rich in iodine and antioxidants which is great to soften and hydrate your skin. It has naturally occurring minerals that remove toxins. And it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help clear skin, reducing redness and breakouts. It can even help with the anti-ageing process.

    See now why we kept it brown and beige?

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  • Little Blush

    Enough to give you a complexion. And a great one at that.

    By adding the humble tomato, we’ve created a powerhouse of health for your skin. Firstly, tomatoes are absolutely stuffed with Vitamin C – which help your skin glow. They’ll also enable your skin to absorb more oxygen, giving you a younger, healthier appearance. On top of all that, their unique acidic properties make a great exfoliate to treat and unclog pores.

    Which can really help with acne or oily skin.

    You might say it’s a vine ingredient…(tumbleweeds).

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  • Slightly Chocolatey

    It looks tasty, but don’t eat it!
    It might resemble a block of chocolate.
    It might smell like chocolate.

    But it’s not.

    We use pods found on the tropical Carob tree – fruit commonly ground down and used as a chocolate substitute.

    It’s packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – with no caffeine or sodium.
    It’s not overpowering so you won’t feel as if you fell into Willy Wonka’s chocolate vat.
    But it’ll give you that warm, cosy feeling – like a mug of hot chocolate on an Autumn night…

    …and no, don’t drink it either!

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  • Something Simple

    Less is more

    Our bread and butter (and yes, it does look like a slab of butter) – this is our classic and simple vegan soap. It doesn’t have a whole concoction of ingredients and chemicals – with who-knows-what being absorbed by your skin.

    Instead, our vegan soap is plant based and full of naturally occurring vitamins. The good stuff.

    It’s also largely water based allowing your skin to stay hydrated. No animals have been hurt, experimented on, or farmed. Which has a positive impact on the environment.

    In fact, there isn’t a single reason we can think of why you wouldn’t love this soap. So how many do you want?

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  • The Pretty One

    Skin deep beauty.

    We used rosehip when making this one. We wanted you to feel pampered, hydrated and regenerated. And rosehip contains natural oils and fatty acids (urgh we know, but bear with us).

    This allows us to easily absorb the naturally occurring antioxidants – helping to give us soft, supple skin. It’s kind of like nature’s moisturizer. With a whole load of vitamin A thrown into the mix. And it’ll look great in your bathroom too.

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